Hogwarts Mystery Tips Guide: Quickly Go From Beginner to Expert (2024)

Now that we can officially explore Hogwarts on our iOS and Android devices, it’s time to explore the best ways to become a master witch or wizard. Once you officially sign up — and hand over your muggle status for something more wizarding —Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mysteryhas quite a bit to learn.

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And although it might still be the exact same freemium cookie clicker every major franchise gets these days, there are some mechanics and systems you’ll want to know about to best use your time in Hogwarts.

These magical tricks will help you get ahead from Year One. From free energy exploits to level grinding tips, re-rolling rewards, and strategies for choosing your rewards, this beginner’s guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

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How To Get Free Energy in Hogwarts Mystery

There are ways to get energy in this clicker without spending a dime. Cleverly hidden across the grounds of Hogwarts, you can find secret Easter egg locations if you spend some time exploring all the different areas. But you can’t freely explore right off the bat.

After escaping the Devil’s Snare in the supply room, your witch-in-training can finally roam the hallways unimpeded before heading to the next story segment — and this is when you can start getting free energy.

Unlike with mission tasks, these locations are all unmarked and don’t glow blue, but tapping them will give you a free point of energy anyway.

The following locations are known to give free points:

  1. East Towers:Painting of a woman in a white dress next to the Charms classroom
  2. West Towers:Nature painting next to the Prefect’s bathroom
  3. Lower Floor West:The stone fire stand to the right of the Great Hall
  4. Lower Floor West:The middle stone knight statue to the right of the Great Hall
  5. Dungeons:The house elf to the right of the Kitchens
  6. Castle Grounds:The stick in the foreground in front of the Whomping Willow

Tip: Keep in mind that there is a max energy amount in Hogwarts Mystery, so even if you tap the free energy everywhere, every single time, you can’t go above that maximum. Tapping any of these while you are at the energy max is a serious waste, as it takes time for the free energy sources to regenerate.

If you’ve found any other Hogwarts Mystery free energy locations, let us know in the comments, and we’ll add it to this guide, giving you credit. There’s bound to be more across the whole seven-year experience.

East Towers free energy location.

How to Get More Energy

Free energy is great, but what do you do when you want to get more energy faster? Nobody wants to wait around for agonizingly slow meters to fill up. If you strategize well enough, you can constantly fill up your energy by visiting the free spots listed above and following the four tips listed below:

  1. Complete Activities: We talk about this more below, but at the end of each activity, you can choose energy as a reward
  2. Level Up: Every time you level up you witch or wizard, you’ll get a full energy meter
  3. Spend 20, 55, or 100 Gems: You can either buy gems with IRL cash, or you can choose gems as a reward when completing activities. The in-app shop lets you use gems to buy energy boosts
  4. Wait: OK, we said waiting sucks (and it does), but seeing as Hogwarts Mystery is part of that clicker/wait-forever genre, there will be times when you’ve exhausted all other energy-gathering options.
Unlock More Flying Abilities

Besides charms and potions, flying abilities learned through flying classes give you more energy. With each new flying skill, you’ll increase your energy stockpiles by 1.

You can’t rely on it, but you can add it to your overall strategy.

Hacks, Cheats, and APK Mods

There are some energy hacks and cheats available via third-party services, as well as other platforms, that theoretically speed things up even more. Although we won’t share those here, we do suggest exercising caution when using these tools as many may require both access to your phone and app. Other hack and cheat tools will require you to download multiple secondary apps that could pose further security risks.

There is also a mod for unlimited energy, but you’ll need to download the APK to use it. If you’re on an iOS device, you won’t be able to take advantage of the mod at all.

So the TL;DR on hacks, cheats, and APK mods is this: Use at your own risk.

Hogwarts Mystery Tips Guide: Quickly Go From Beginner to Expert (3)

Level Grinding Classes

In between the main story missions, keep in mind that you can return to classrooms to repeat classes and get more gold coins and attribute rewards.

In some cases, you can even learn new spells before progressing the story. If you want to raise your three main attributes — Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge — for more dialog options or to access new quests, this is the way to go. That’s why getting free energy is so important.

If you want more coins to buy new clothes, grinding classroom lessons is also a means of building up your funds.

Hogwarts Mystery Tips Guide: Quickly Go From Beginner to Expert (4)

How to Choose the Right Rewards

When you complete a lesson or main story quest, several options are available with the following possible rewards:

  • Main stat boost
  • Free energy
  • Gold Coins
  • Gems

Picking your reward changes the trajectory of your character growth and impacts how often you can play. It also affects what cosmetic items you’ll be able to pick up, as clothing and hair options tend to be pretty pricey.

Tip: If you exit the game when you get rewards, they will re-roll when you return.

Picking Energy

The free energy reward is actually pretty useless, especially since it’s usually only a small number of points. You can easily get significantly more free Hogwarts Mystery energy just by going to the locations listed above. The only exception to this is if the rewards is offered in the middle of a quest and you are too low on energy to complete the mission without waiting.

Picking Stat Boost

Picking the stat boost is the best option if you want to progress through the game quickly and have more dialog options. It’s also helpful for anyone who isn’t specifically trying to get a particular cosmetic item.

Picking Gold and Gems

These are the two primary currencies in Hogwarts Mystery. If you want more gold and gems to buy an outfit or get a bunch of energy all at once, then those rewards are the ways to go. Gems, in particular, are a solid choice, as it seems like a foregone conclusion that there will be limited-time sale items for gems available down the line.

Severalquests require gems to start, unless you are willing to outwait the timer. If you want to start new quests earlier and don’t feel like waiting a few hours, then gems are the way to go.

In-App Purchases For Coins, Gems, and Energy

Although it’s a free-to-play game, Hogwarts Mystery follows the path of almost every other F2P title with the inclusion of in-app purchases.

You access the in-game shop by clicking the “+” symbol next to either your energy meter, your coin counter, or your gem counter, all of which are located in the top right-hand corner of the screen (shown in the image above).

Here’s a rundown of all of the game’s in-app purchases.

Coin Packages
Name Cost Amount
Purse of Coins $0.99 250
Pouch of Coins $4.99 1,500
Case of Coins $9.99 3,500
Hut of Coins $19.99 7,500
Tower of Coins $49.99 22,500
Gem Packages
Name Cost Amount
Handful of Gems $0.99 25
Measure of Gems $4.99 130
Sack of Gems $9.99 275
Trunk of Gems $19.99 575
Trainload of Gems $49.99 1,500
Vault of Gems $99.99 3,125
Energy Packages
Name Cost Boost Amount
Bit of Energy 20 Gems 10
Stash of Energy 55 Gems 30
Hoard of Energy 100 Gems 60

And that’s all you need to know to quickly become a master in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.If you have any other tips and tricks you think beginners should know, drop in the comments and tell us. We’ll add it to this guide!

And if you’re looking for more tricks to make your journey through the wizarding world easier, check out our other guides.

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Hogwarts Mystery Tips Guide: Quickly Go From Beginner to Expert (2024)


What is the fastest way to level up in Hogwarts? ›

Collecting the Field Guide Pages is the fastest and easiest way to level up. To collect them all, players need to learn multiple Spells like: Revelio: Highlights interactive items like puzzles, Field Guide Pages, chests, and statues. Lumos: Leads the lost moths to their frames in Hogwarts Legacy.

Is there a cheat for energy in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

If you tap on the house elves you see around, you'll get some energy! Other things you can tap is the first blank portrait in the East Towers, books near the Bench on the Lower Floor East, the second suit of armor in the Great Hall, and more. These items will reset every six hours, to keep an eye on the clock.

How do you get knowledge fast in Hogwarts mystery? ›

You can earn Knowledge (the purple Book icon) by completing quests, Potions class, and Transfiguration class.

How to use cheat codes in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

  1. 8GEPRShTRrRV9Wq - gold.
  2. cNLlxfNs30vwkhE - house points.
  3. ZgPelcUwPFtH839 - attributes.
  4. mqv36wZkv9QmfSV - unlimited energy.
  5. G2rfh740MnQDPLW - gems.
  6. irsEYZQ0thYuQw5 - crystal.
  7. RuoL69rP46X8sTF - unlock door.
Mar 21, 2021

What happens if you expose Merula's secret? ›

If Yui chooses to expose Merula's secret, Yui will find out that Merula's family were Deatheaters—yikes! —and are locked up in Azkaban! If Yui chooses to reason with her, she won't listen anyway.

How do you make time go faster in Hogwarts mystery? ›

To advance time, simply view the world map, and you'll find a small “Wait” option that can be toggled by pressing your controller's analog stick, or the respective button on PC. Selecting this option will allow you to change the game from day to night.

How to increase attributes fast in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery? ›

GT 01: Don't rush through the game.

You can prevent that by pausing the main story tasks and focusing on repeatable study sessions to level up your attributes. These sessions will become available once you get to Year 2, and you should take advantage of them to level your attributes up.

How to get free gems in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

Earn Gems by levelling up, winning the House Cup, learning new spells and potions, and more! Gems are used to unlock new accessories, speed up timers, and restore energy.

How to be perfect in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

  1. Talk to Head of House (Common room)
  2. Go to Transfiguration Class (Transfiguration Classroom)
  3. Study with Tulip (Library)
  4. Go to Charms Class (Charms Classroom)
  5. Study with Charlie (Great Hall)

Is there romance in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

There are two Dating locations, Hagrid's Garden and the Courtyard. Hagrid's Garden awards 9 Romance XP for a successful date.

Should I bring Ben or Penny? ›

You have two options – Ben or Penny. As for the outcome of the story, there is not much of a difference no matter who you decide to bring, but keep in mind that you'll be able to raise the friendship level with the one you bring along. You will need to wait three hours before you can continue the story.

Should I help Merula with her potion? ›

Next, you'll get to choose if you want to save Merula or not. Saving her requires Empathy level five and it is the preferred option since it rewards ten attribute points.

How do you skip the timer in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Use Timer Toffees to reduce or skip the duration of any eligible wait periods in game. Regular Timer Toffees can skip any wait timer up to 3 hours in duration.

How many house points for 1 hour class? ›

House points are counted and displayed in four giant hourglasses. The player earns two house points for a 1-hour class, 4 house points for a 3-hour class, and ten house points for an 8-hour class.

How to make time go faster in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

To advance time, simply view the world map, and you'll find a small “Wait” option that can be toggled by pressing your controller's analog stick, or the respective button on PC. Selecting this option will allow you to change the game from day to night.

How many endings are there in Hogwarts mystery? ›

This game has 3 different endings, with the first 2 being completely meaningless in terms of both story progression and post-game playthrough. The first 2 endings are obtained after defeating the final boss of the game.

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